Various models – one goal

For less friction and less weight in the transmission



In modern automobiles, the transmission contributes significantly to the overall efficiency of the vehicle, for example through low internal friction and lightweight construction. Freudenberg Sealing Technologies is making valuable contributions to this, for example by providing Low Friction Simmerrings® and Energy Saving Seals for rotating shafts, or piston accumulators for energy-efficient gear changes. Thanks to the advanced materials developed for specific applications, the seals withstand even gearbox oils with aggressive additives.

Two in one: the Transmission Cover Gasket

Functional integration is one of the magical formulas in sealing technology: A component performs additional functions, beyond reliable sealing, by sealing in a double function. This saves installation space and weight. The Transmission Cover Gasket combines a static seal with a dynamic seal. A molded frame seal on a plastic support offers a weight reduction by replacing that of traditional metal.

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Overview products

Cinematically staged – the LESS video

LESS includes sustainable sealing technology solutions of the future for all vehicle components.


LESS Brochure

The LESS brochure

Sealing technology opens up enormous potential for the mobility of today and tomorrow. The LESS brochure presents it vividly and clearly.

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