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Fossil energy sources are finite. The electrification of the drive train is becoming increasingly important in this context. This trend is irreversible and Freudenberg Sealing Technologies supports it with custom sealing technology. Whether sealing components for battery systems, frame gaskets for lithium pouch cells, or Simmerrings® with electrically conductive nonwoven material against unwanted electrostatic charge: LESS provides a wide variety of innovative solutions for a future with emission-free mobility, today.


Fuel Cell Gaskets: water vapor instead of emissions

A fuel cell produces electricity for an electric motor and the vehicle does not discharge anything other than pure steam. Fuel cell automobiles are a technically advanced alternative to battery-powered electric vehicles. To generate energy in this form safely and efficiently requires precision sealing solutions in the fuel cell stack. Freudenberg has access to a global network and are experienced in the manufacturing of effective sealing components for fuel-cell stacks.

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Cinematically staged – the LESS video

LESS includes sustainable sealing technology solutions of the future for all vehicle components.

E-Mobility Brochure

E-Mobility Brochure

From the electrification of the power train to boosting charging speed, safety, and comfort, we can shape the technological change together.

E-Mobility Video

E-Mobility – Charged with expertise

As a leading technological and market partner, Freudenberg Sealing Technologies is setting new standards for sophisticated applications in sealing technology and electric mobility, among many other fields. 


LESS Brochure

The LESS brochure

Sealing technology opens up enormous potential for the mobility of today and tomorrow. The LESS brochure presents it vividly and clearly.

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